Senior Previs Artist

Imagendary Studios
Irvine , CA, USA
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

Imagendary Studios is looking for a talented and experienced Senior Previs Artist to join our core team developing top-quality cinematic trailers and in-game cutscenes animation. The ideal candidate will create high-quality staging, blocking and camera work that makes the foundation of a successful shot and/or sequence of shots for our AAA game related projects.


  • Translate from storyboards or animatics into 3D previs.
  • Create 3D assets for previs animation.
  • Analyze, trouble-shoot and creatively solve production problems that inevitably arise in the course of production.
  • Work closely with the Director and Supervisor to refine sequence and shot iterations.
  • Finesse cameras at the animation stage where required.
  • Maintain consistent quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project
  • Contribute to the growth of a startup studio, help setup proper pipeline, tools and workflow.

Skills & Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience creating cinematic pre-visualizations or rough layout for CG animation, with multiple film or game related experience.
  • Strong knowledge of cinematic language and the fundamentals of image structure, staging, lensing and composition.
  • Strong knowledge of story structure.
  • Demonstrated experience working in the various 3D animation software and solid knowledge of the basic tools of the Previs Artist.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.


  • Experience with Rough Modeling and basic rigging.
  • Experience in creating animation using the Unreal Engine.
  • Passion for gaming.

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

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About the Company

Imagendary Studios is a next generation AAA development studio. Committed to the development of high-quality animation and AAA games,  Imagendary currently leads a global team with two office locations in Irvine, California and Xuhui, Shanghai. Driven by an ambition to break the barriers between traditional films and games, Imagendary is dedicated to deliver the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experiences to gamers and audiences across the world.